The detailed program will be coming soon. This year’s conference will answer your most critical questions, including:

* How can I get new products, services, and internal initiatives to market more quickly?
* How can I experiment and iterate quickly on mission-critical products and systems?
* How can I measure a new initiative before it has large numbers of customers or revenue?
* How can I measure impact when financial metrics are not the bottom line, such as in NGOs, non-profits and governments?
* How can I convince my leaders and managers to support entrepreneurial methods?
* How can I get internal services like IT, finance, legal, and HR to act like startups and serve entrepreneurial teams throughout my organization?
* How can I build a culture that serves existing customers and unlocks new sources of growth?
Have more questions? Let us know. Interested in speaking at the conference? We’ll announce the call for speakers shortly; keep an eye on @leanstartup.