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December 9 - 11, 2013 San Francisco, CA Register now

Scholarship Program (read our post on scholarships for more information about the goals of our program)

Silicon Valley is known for its startup community. But communities around the world are giving rise to incredible entrepreneurship–and we’d like to help those groups connect. So this year, in addition to offering a livestream of the conference, we’re also making available hundreds of deeply discounted scholarship tickets for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford travel to The Lean Startup Conference–in other words, students, bootstrappers and early-stage startups (such as companies participating in an incubator or accelerator program). While the standard price for our two-day conference is more than $1,600, the scholarship tickets are $299.

To make it work on our end, the scholarship pass is no-frills: it gives you a balcony seat for all of our keynotes, along with selected breakouts and networking events. For meals, we’ll have food trucks lined up outside for you, and we’re working on special networking events for the scholarship crowd. In addition, as part of participation in the program, scholarship recipients may be asked to offer a small amount of time and their insights to a research team at the conference who will be studying entrepreneurship with a goal of collecting data that will be useful to us all.

Rather than sell these tickets directly to the public, we’re partnering with community leaders to offer the tickets to local groups. The application form is designed for leaders committed to bringing a group of entrepreneurs from their community. There isn’t a minimum number of people per group, but if you’re coming from an area with a lot of startups, like Boston or Singapore, we’ll look for a bigger commitment than a group from, say, Nairobi. We’ll review and accept applications on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply today.

For Non-Profit Organizations

Small non-profit organizations are often startups or behave like them–and Lean Startup ideas can be terrifically useful in developing successful non-profit programs (the term “Lean Impact” is often used to describe the application of Lean Startup ideas in mission-driven organizations). To help people from young and/or unfunded or minimally funded non-profits participate in the conference, we have a special scholarship program. If you work for such a group, please fill out this application.

Volunteer Opportunity for Students

Students, particularly undergraduates, are some of the most open-minded and avidly interested people in our orbit. They’re also some of the least able to afford registration. The good news is that The Lean Startup Conference relies on top-notch volunteers to keep our events running smoothly, and we’ve found that students often make the best volunteers. We take the volunteering commitment very seriously, so please apply only if you’re able to offer us both time and friendly dedication.