Charu Manchanda Nair

Principal, MGI.


Ms. Nair helps companies with their global strategy initiatives & cultural intelligence & held many corporate positions in the field.

Ms. Nair helped launch the first laptop portable in India, working with an Australian partner.
Soon after Ms. Nair helped launch the WTC Portland, as well led a trade mission to Asia.

She has provided key expertise in strategy to many companies including IBM & Tektronix & leadership training in diversity at a major university. Ms. Nair continued on to teach her critically curated curricula in the MBA & Humanities departments of universities for close to a decade.

Ms. Nair followed her liberal arts degree with two graduate business degrees in two continents.

Ms. Nair has actively given back to the community with her work on many boards in the field of human & civil rights as well as in education.

Ms. Nair’s work is informed by her overseas work-life experiences as well as her wide-ranging worldwide travels.

Active in sports, she participated in discus at the nations level in India. Currently she’s working on authoring books on her experiences.