Jonathan Bertfield

Senior Faculty, Lean Startup Co..


Jonathan is a senior faculty member for Lean Startup Co. training program and founding partner at Spinnaker, a consulting group focused on building organizational capacity to deploy Lean Startup inspired product development and product investment governance, at scale. He is a Senior faculty member at Lean Startup Co. working with a variety of clients including agencies at the Department of Defense. Jonathan is also an instructor with General Assembly’s Enterprise group delivering Lean and Agile training and coaching to clients ranging from global insurance giants to the world’s largest hotel chain.

Jonathan has 20 years of leadership and consulting roles in product organizations at large enterprises and startups including Scholastic, Pearson, The Associated Press, News Corp, Business Insider, Peroozal, Readio and Sesame Workshop. He is also working with the American Press Institute to develop a lean startup focused innovation framework for regional and local news organizations.