Monty Campbell

Founder & CEO, Lean Mobile Apps, LLC.


Blessed divorced father of 2 boys, blogger & former general contractor, Monty Campbell loves the artistry of building and home improvement. His building journey switched to startups in the late 90’s. Monty’s startup Journey began with LifeMinders. I early an online direct marketing company that went public going from from a $14 IPO to $96 a share giving it a unicorn valuation, before unicorns were unicorns. Monty’s role with LifeMinders was Membership acquisition Manager with a focus of Lifetime Customer Value & online optimization.

Grateful LeanStartup student, he is constantly learning. As and online marketing, blogging & podcasting maven Monty has built a LinkedIn network of over 8,000 people. Monty is a Serial Entrepreneur whom loves Morgan State & Stanford & Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Incorporated Qka Preacher Qka Bishop. Last but not least Monty is the Founder and CEO of