Philippe Boulanger

CTO, Neopost.


Philippe Boulanger is the CTO of Neopost, a French based group with a worldwide footprint.

Philippe is also the founder and head of Neopost Labs, the innovation arm of Neopost. One of the core missions of Neopost Labs is to promote the Lean Startup principles and the experimentation culture across the group. Philippe shields this sanctuary of velocity from the usual corporate processes.

Prior to Neopost, Philippe performed in multiple technical and business assignments for Sony, Apple, Sagem. He has started his career as an entrepreneur, evolving from an independent software developer to founding a VC backed firm.

Philippe mentors few selected startups in his free time. His ambidextrous knowledge of startup and international corporate environments has proven to be a key asset.

Philippe holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France).