Robert Lee

Research Fellow, Stanford.


Robert H Lee is a research fellow in Law, Science & Technology at Stanford University, a Silicon Valley technology lawyer and entrepreneur, and an instructor with Performance Freediving. He has spoken at Google, Twitter, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other venues on the topics on surf survival, stress management, and performance optimization. Robert has worked with some of the most accomplished executives and founders in Silicon Valley, authored a paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology, and has spoken at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference (from which you can find a podcast on his work).

Robert has also served as CEO of Fly Online, an e-commerce portal that was acquired by Travelzoo, and has his JD/MBA from UC Berkeley and his BS in biochemistry from Yale University. While not working, he spends his time outdoors on or near the ocean and his time indoors learning the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

You can contact Robert at (that’s fl0w with a zero).