Ted Ladd

Professor, Hult International Business School.


Ted Ladd is a professor of internet economics and a research fellow at the Center for Disruptive Innovation at the Hult International Business School. He was recently the director of ecosystems at a startup backed by Foxconn to pioneer the wearable internet of things (we built a smartwatch) until it was acquired by Google as the basis for Android Wear.

His research, consulting, and entrepreneurial activities focus on the design of business models for early stage high-tech startups. He holds a PhD in management from Case Western Reserve, an MBA in entrepreneurship from Wharton, an MA in economics from Johns Hopkins, a BA in government, biology, and sociology from Cornell, and a certificate in horseshoeing. He has founded, led, or participated in five mobile-tech and clean-tech startups. Some used Lean, some were successful, but with imperfect correlation.

Ted and his wife live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where he is on the board of several private, public, and non-profits emphasizing economic development.