Thursday, Nov 3
11:00 AM
The Future of the Workforce: Diversity and Inclusion
CeCe Cheng  |  Andela  |  @cececheng
Rich Pearson  |  Upwork  |  @pearsonisms
Karla Monterroso  |  Code2040  |  @karlitaliliana
Melissa Moore  |  Lean Startup Co.  |  @melissazmoore

Future-thinking companies are operationalizing diversity of thought and redefining how they harness and retain talent.

In this panel, guest speakers from Upwork, Code2040, and Andela debate and discuss the changing work environment with Lean Startup’s Melissa Moore, as well as what they’ve learned as they’ve built their organizations from the ground up. They’ll cover some of the key issues surrounding the future of the workplace, from hiring on-demand talent to providing an environment that allows employees to share their views, opinions, and authentic selves.