Thursday, Nov 3
3:15 PM
Innocent Interventions that Create Cultural Change in Traditional Organizations
Golden Gate
Madhav Thattai  |  Rigetti Quantum Computing  |  @madhavtt
Bob Sutton  |  Stanford University  |  @work_matters
Zena Barakat  |  IDEO  |  @zena_b
Saul Gurdus  |  Method Garage  |  @saulgurdus
Bonny Simi  |  JetBlue Technology Ventures  |  @bonnysimi

Despite all the moaning and groaning about how difficult it is to bring about constructive change in large organizations, it can and does happen. We tell three true stories of such successful change, all of which were propelled, at least in part, in design thinking methods taught at the Stanford And none of which were instigated by top executives. The stories that we will tell, dissect, and discuss with the audience are about the San Francisco Opera, JetBlue Airways, and a social services agency called the Golden Gate Regional Center. Each of these interventions resulted in enduring changes that reduce hassles and enhance dignity and delight for employees and customers.