Monday, Oct 31
11:00 AM
Adopting Lean Startup at Scale (until 5:00pm)
Thayer (Hyatt)
Janice Fraser  |  Pivotal  |  @clevergirl
Marilyn Gorman  |  Lean Startup Co.  |  @CvlleMarilyn

Based on the newest book from Eric Ries, The Leader’s Guide, this workshop is targeted toward senior leaders, decision-makers, key stakeholders and LS coaches – in summary, the enablers of a Lean Startup culture within an organization. Lean Startup Co. Training Faculty Marilyn Gorman will use the latest examples and real-life, change-management experiences to help participants understand how to leverage the systems, structures, and strategies needed to execute Lean Startup principles in a wide range of environments, while sharing an opportunity to learn from others on the same journey.

Joining Marilyn will be Janice Fraser, Director, People Team with Pivotal, who will be sharing her own examples of scaling Lean Startup in such diverse enterprises as the Federal Government, Proctor & Gamble and more.

— LUNCH BREAK: 12:30 – 1:15pm