Thursday, Nov 3
3:15 PM
Salesforce Lightning: A Data, Business, Engineering, & Design Love Story
Treasure Island
Pratima Arora  |  Salesforce  |  @pratima_arora
David Colby  |  Salesforce  | 
Shawna Wolverton  |  Salesforce  |  @shawnawol
Tatyana Mamut  |  Salesforce  |  @tmamut

When Salesforce set out to re-design our Core Products, we faced a daunting challenge. To move fast, a cross-functional team worked closely together to define, design, test, and iterate. We will talk about what this collaboration entailed, and lessons learned for design thinking & doing at enterprise scale. Guest speakers: Pratima Arora, Shawna Wolverton, and David Colby (Salesforce).