Livestream FAQs

1) Does the livestream simulcast cover all days of the conference, October 30-November 5, 2017?

No, the livestream simulcast will only cover the main-stage talks and some of the afternoon breakout sessions on the main conference days of November 2-3.

2) What are the important dates and deadlines that we should know about?

October 12th – Venue must be confirmed (we’ll send out a quick form where you can share that information with us.)

October 27th – Attendees will receive an email with information about your venue.

October  30th – Lean Startup Co. will provide the link and the password to the livestream hosts for the livestream.

November 1st (from 3-6pm PST) and November 2nd (from 7-8am PST), we invite livestream hosts to test the connection to ensure a quality experience for their community

3) What are the technical requirements to show the livestream simulcast?

We recommend that you have a full T1 of bandwidth (at least 1,500 Kbps). For the best streaming experience, we always recommend plugging into an ethernet hardline rather than WiFi. Watching the livestream will be like watching a video on YouTube.

Note: If your company has a firewall, you may not be able to access the livestream. Be sure to investigate this issue in advance.

4) Logging On

We will be dedicating a password-protected page on our website to each livestream location. You’ll be able to access it with the URL we send and won’t need to log in.

5) Chatting Capability

There will be a page on our website, created especially for livestream attendees, where you can chat with other attendees around the world. We’ll send this link when we send the livestream link and password.

6) Sharing the link/password

Please do not share the link and password with anyone else. We make livestream viewing available as an incentive to be part of your local Lean Startup community. The link is for registered hosts only, and we ask that you honor our policy.

The more people who log on, the more difficult it can be to keep a consistent livestream. We want yours to be a wonderful event, so please help us out by keeping the information confidential.

7) What is the video resolution for off-line projection?

The resolution is 720p.

8) Can I record the simulcast?

No, but we will make videos available online later, as we’ve done in previous years.

9) Are there any resources available to help groups promote their local event?

Yes, we have a document and a Lean Startup logo for your use. We will send those items with your confirmation email.

10) What if I am a host and I don’t have a venue confirmed yet?

Please secure one no later than October 12th.

11) Our event is small, are we still applicable to host the livestream?

As long as you have at least 8 attendees and a wired internet connection, you’ll receive the livestream password right before the conference.

12) Our event is big and we’d like to show the livestream simulcast on two screens simultaneously. Is that possible?

Yes, you can do that using the information we already sent and the password that we will send.

13) Will the speakers take questions from the livestream simulcast groups?

Yes, for the afternoon breakouts, we’ll provide a platform where livestream viewers can send in their questions.

14) On the website, the speakers are listed in blocks of time. Does that mean several are speaking at once, and I need to choose the speaker we’d most like to watch?

In the mornings, the speakers will go in the order listed, one right after the other, so you will have a chance to hear every speaker. Each talk will be approximately 15 – 30 minutes long. In the afternoons, there are concurrent sessions (and longer talks), but we’ll be livestreaming only those talks that are in the Enterprise Track and closing sessions.

15) Can I have a time delay and how does that work?

The alternative to showing the simulcast live is that we can make video available to you three days after the live event. If you desire a time delay, schedule your event for any time on/after November 10th.

16) Our group is taking advantage of the time delay and will show the video three or more days after the event. Do we need to show the whole stream or can we pick and choose what we’ll show?

Since the video is comprised of speaker sections, you can jump ahead to show the parts you want.

17) Does the recorded video run the full 9 hours?

We’ve cut out the breaks, so the video runs only about 6 hours.

18) I’m in a different time zone but would like to show part of the simulcast live. Can I stream some live and then show video of the parts we missed three or more days later?

Yes, you can do that.

19) Can I have one or more live speakers at my event during the lunch break, etc?

Yes, the event is yours. Build it up around the simulcast in any way you’d like.

20) Can I charge for the event?

We highly encourage you to offer this meetup for free. However, some groups are charging to cover things like food/drink or a live speaker they’re bringing one in. It’s your choice. If you do, it is your responsibility to send that information to [email protected] by Oct 12th so we can alert your attendees beforehand. You will be responsible for collecting your money on-site at the event.

21) How do I find out how many people have registered to attend my livestream event?

Because attendees are registering on our Bizzabo page, we have a separate Google document exclusively for Lean Startup Week Hosts with all the livestream attendees and area, updated every Friday. In this document, you can hit the search command (CTRL + F), search for your area, and see how many people have registered to join your livestream community.

22) How do I contact attendees that have registered for my event to inform them about admission fees, parking, directions, or any other important details?

Contact [email protected], and she will help you with this.

23) What if I have questions that hasn’t been answered on this FAQ?

Please contact our livestream coordinator at [email protected], and she’ll be happy to answer your questions!