David Binetti

Senior Facutly, Lean Startup Co.


David Binetti is a Senior Faculty member with Lean Startup Co. Corporate Education Program. He is a six-time entrepreneur ​who co-founded companies ranging from consumer to industrial to government. His most recent startup is a great example of a successful application of the lean methodology in real life. This startup, supported by prominent VCs, was acquired by a large organization in January 2013. He currently consults for larger organizations to help systematize their innovation processes through effective corporate governance (also called “Innovation Accounting”). In particular, Dave uses a valuation framework he developed based on option-pricing models that converts learning into dollars, allowing finance and product to speak a common language in achieving a common goal. He received his BA with highest honors and university distinction from UC Berkeley, and his MBA from UCLA with the Deloitte Consulting Award for top thesis in the graduating class.