Elliot Susel

Senior Facutly, Lean Startup Co.

Elliot is a Senior Faculty member with Lean Startup Co. Elliot went head to head with Uber, and lived to tell the tale. Having served as both a product and technology leader at startups and large companies, this facilitator is uniquely positioned to execute against innovation projects. Most recently, as a SVP he built product, technology, and growth teams at Trustify, a tech startup that connects you with a private investigator. At AOL he built an R&D organization that leveraged Lean Startup methodologies to identify and execute against growth opportunities. Shortly thereafter, Elliot was invited by AOL’s Global CTO to apply that same methodology as the Chair of AOL’s product guild, which is the mechanism by which the CTOs and CPOs across all of AOL’s brands improve each other’s products. While operating as the VP of Technology at Curb, a startup that connects you with over 100,000 licensed taxi drivers, this facilitator helped transform their technology delivery to a CI/CD pipeline that deployed code over 20x/week. From this experience, he will readily share with you that it doesn’t matter how fast you can ship code if you aren’t building the right things. Elliot’s passion is creating systems that enable teams to identify and execute against the organization’s most important objectives. Super powers include: Lean Startup, Agile, DevOps, Story Mapping, Product Management, and Conversion Optimization.