Janice Semper

Leader, GE Culture, General Electric Company


Along with Viv Goldstein, Janice Semper is one of the co-founders of FastWorks, GE’s new way of working, combining the speed and efficiency of a start-up with the scale and resources of GE. FastWorks provides a set of tools, principles, and behaviors, and is a mindset that helps GE employees focus on customers, speed, experimentation and learning.

Janice is a member of the GE Human Resource function focused on leadership development and culture. She is currently leading an effort to drive a cultural transformation to make GE a simpler, faster, and more customer-centric organization.

Janice has been with GE for 20 years, where she held a number of HR Leader positions at GE Corporate and GE Capital. She began her career with Pepsi-Cola Company, where she worked for six years holding a number of positions in Human Resources.

Her areas of passion and expertise are driving change; scaling efforts in large, diverse, global organizations; defining disruptive strategies and bringing them to life; living a healthy lifestyle, discovering the world, and being a life long learner.

Janice earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania and M.A. in Organization Psychology from Columbia University in New York.