Liza Gurtin

Product Manager, Platform, Slack Technologies, Inc.


Liza Gurtin is a product manger on the platform team at Slack. Her team focuses on providing new real estate in the enterprise messaging platform for third party developers to surface UI. She is also responsible for the development of the App Directory where Slack customers can go to discover and install third party apps.

Prior to joining this high growth startup in August 2016, Liza was an early employee at Robinhood, the first commission-free stock trading app. During her time at the progressive fintech startup, she spearheaded their initial platform and growth efforts.

Liza graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Symbolic Systems in 2016. The Symbolic Systems program combines computer science and cognitive sciences; in this discipline Liza specialized in Human Computer Interaction. While at Stanford, Liza was a coxswain on the varsity women’s rowing team where she competed for three national titles. She is also a certified yoga instructor and loves spending time upside down. With a passion for education reform, she is actively involved with Community Education Partnerships, an NGO that places homeless and high-risk youth with tutors in the Bay Area.