Mike Pronovost

Founder & CEO, Pronovost Technologies

Mike Pronovost’s technology and entrepreneurial journey is marked by years of technology and leadership background in both startups and corporate environments. At 18, he started Powerband Internet, a hybrid compression technology company, and within months was working alongside companies such as Verizon, Citrix and WalMart. In 2009, he launched Pronovost Technology Corp and worked on projects to bring broadband to developing nations. Pronovost was named the 2012 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, and at age 22, became the youngest person to make the National Empact 100 list — the country’s most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30 selected by Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. Pronovost has been featured in PC Magazine, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, USA Today and 60 Minutes. He has received two awards at the White House and gave a speech there on technology innovation and entrepreneurship. In November of 2014 he was recognized at the United Nations Headquarters for his work in youth entrepreneurship and addressed foreign leaders on national technology, infrastructure, and mobile devices in education. Pronovost has given keynote addresses at university campuses across the country including a recent keynote at the Wharton School of Business (2016).