Viv Goldstein

Director, Innovation Acceleration GE, General Electric Company


Viv Goldstein is Director, Innovation Acceleration, GE. She is the co-founder of FastWorks, a platform that applies entrepreneurial tools, processes and culture across GE. By providing additional resources, capabilities, and coaching for critical growth initiatives, she is focused on driving impact and competitiveness in support of GE’s focus on delivering better outcomes for their customers faster.

Prior to this, Viv was Director of Commercial Learning & Transformation, GE Corporate Marketing, with responsibility for continuing to enhance and drive commercial capabilities across GE globally. She led the commercial curriculum development and supported the businesses and the various emerging markets to continue to drive the commercial skills.

Previously VP Marketing, GE Money (a division of GE Capital) Viv was actively engaged with the Customer Centric transformation of GE Money, developing and implementing value proposition strategies for the private and co-brand credit cards for leading retailers and clients.

In her previous role, Viv was Vice President of Loyalty, responsible for the introduction of new loyalty capabilities, strategies and functionalities.

With GE Money since 1991, Viv has held various marketing and client management roles both in America and Europe, including general manager for the Gap Inc. portfolios. Her previous employment experience includes Bass, Johnson Wax, and 3M Companies.

Viv balances her busy work schedule with her three children, traveling, and community work.