Speed Mentoring

Speed mentoring is one of our most popular offerings. Each conversation will be 20 minutes long, and we will match you with a mentor based on topics you need advice on. Our mentors have super-useful expertise in a range of topics. The session gives you the opportunity to tap into the amazing expertise at Lean Startup Week and apply that expertise to your specific challenges and situations. Participants consistently tell us that they were amazed at how much they accomplished in such a short time. Spots are very limited, so reserve your spot by using this form as soon as possible.

Here’s what attendees said about these sessions at previous Lean Startup Conferences:

“The willingness of people to talk to me who have been thinking deeply about these ideas was amazing. Getting their time was invaluable.”

“The format overcame the problem of approaching smart strangers and made it easier to connect.”

“One of the mentor conversations I had was so valuable, it alone was worth the price of admission to the whole conference.”

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