Friday Nov 3rd

Applying Lean Data to Rapidly Assess Social Impact (Until 2:00pm)
The Village

Social enterprises, nonprofits, governments, and philanthropists striving to create social change care about the impact of their work. Yet for too long, the social sector has prioritized a top-down approach to impact measurement that predominantly meets the needs of funders or academics. Acumen created Lean Data in 2014 so that they could hear from their customers and understand what impact means to them. Since 2014, Acumen’s Lean Data team has surveyed more than 35,000 bottom of the pyramid customers, using technologies ranging from SMS, IVR, trained surveyors, and online surveys in order to help social enterprises understand who they serve, measure real social changes, and develop their value propositions. In this panel, you’ll hear from real social enterprises who have deployed Lean Data. You’ll learn how to design your own lean survey, practice lean customer discovery in contexts around the world, and gather data that can help social enterprises refine their impact and business value propositions.