Thursday Nov 2nd

Beating Corporate Inertia to Win Big in Innovation
The Warfield

What’s the secret to corporate innovation? Is it investing heavily in digitization? Is it about appointing a Chief Innovation Officer or a Head of Fintech? Is it about buying fintech startups? Although these might all be elements of a successful strategy, corporate enterprises will not beat their disruptors if this is all they do.

The secret to corporate innovation, according to ING, is adopting an entrepreneurial culture. In ING’s case, this way of working, which they call PACE, is a combination of Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean Startup. And they realized that in order to make this culture work, their leadership had to realize it does not have a monopoly on good ideas. They also had to leave the corporate inertia at home and open up to truly accelerate innovation.

In this fireside chat, ING’s Ignacio Juliá Vilar will discuss with Liguori Innovation’s Steve Liguori the cultural strategy that allowed this leading bank to make the big transition from a traditional bank to a truly innovative enterprise.