Thursday Nov 2nd

Empowering the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Employees
The Warfield

Nordstrom has focused on being an entrepreneurial company for the last 116 years, with a culture that empowers sales teams to listen, connect, and provide exceptional customer service at every given point. This energy runs across the core business and has been a huge igniter of change for the company.

Nordstrom’s latest transformation involves the translation of the in-store salesperson to a digital entrepreneur lean/strategic leader. In this session, Jyoti Shukla, Vice President of User Experience of Nordstrom, will share her expertise on how the process of identifying key employee traits from different disciplines throughout the organization is helping Nordstrom build strong entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) teams, in-store and out. Learn what leaders should be looking for to build this capability within their teams, how to nurture an entrepreneurial culture in your organization, and hear about her experiences using Design Thinking and Lean Startup UX processes to empower her team move farther faster.