Friday Nov 3rd

Engineering Your Startup to Innovate at Scale
The Village

You have a business model and product/market fit, you have delighted your early customers, and now you are in the scaling phase of your startup. You will need to shore up your technology as well as enable your team to rapidly experiment and learn at scale.

Architecting for scale means breaking up your monolithic system into smaller components, and allowing those components to be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. It means introducing the toolchain, the monitoring, and the platform foundations to enable a microservices approach. It also means getting serious about both building and operating a system that can last.

Experimenting at scale involves building the virtuous cycle of A/B testing, data collection, and analysis. You’ll need to institutionalize feature flags, dark launches, and canary deployments. It’s vital to have a clear-eyed evaluation of what is working and what is not, and a scientific approach to deciding what is next. This will enable you to minimize the cost of failed experiments while maximizing your feature velocity.

Based on Randy Shoup’s experiences at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix, this session will teach you how to overcome the unique engineering challenges of a rapidly-growing team and product set. You will leave with concrete suggestions you can start applying next week in your company.