Thursday Nov 2nd

GE’s Startup Way Strategy: Fireside Chat with Eric Ries & GE FastWorks Co-Founders Viv Goldstein & Janice Semper (Until 5:40pm)
The Warfield

GE’s FastWorks program has become the prime case study of crafting, scaling, and institutionalizing a system of continuous innovation inside a multinational conglomerate. Eric has often used the company, and FastWorks’ co-founders Viv Goldstein and Janice Semper, as examples of how to effectively scale the Lean Startup methodology and make entrepreneurship a core function in large organizations. The FastWorks leaders play a big role in Eric’s new book, “The Startup Way,” and as such we’re excited to bring Eric, Viv, and Janice to the stage for a fireside chat teasing out further themes from the book, including: convincing CEOs and nervous middle managers to embark on a new methodology, clearing other major obstacles to innovation, and redefining how companies recruit, develop and assess talent.