Friday Nov 3rd

Getting Your “Old School” Company to Embrace a New Innovation Strategy
The Warfield

It’s an all-too-familiar scene: somewhere in a dimly lit office, someone with the title of “VP of Innovation” leans back in their chair and stares at the ceiling. Frustration has replaced the excitement of being tapped to lead the company’s Next. Big. Thing. You thought you were going to lead a high-growth internal startup with enterprise-wide support. Instead, you’ve experienced one failure after another and you feel like you’re no closer to success than you were 18 months ago. Oh, and that amazing team of hi-po employees you recruited to help build something amazing? Yeah, they’re transferring back to other departments, or worse, leaving the company.

Okay, we admit it, this might seem a bit dramatic. But if it’s not you already, let’s face it, you’re worried it could become you, if you can’t figure out this innovation thing. And what if your old school company simply isn’t cut out for new school innovation?

The truth is, your old school company probably isn’t cut out for new school innovation. But the good news is, it can be. This panel of Lean Enterprise experts will lead you through concrete steps, tactics, and approaches that will help turn short-term visions of entrepreneurship into long-term systems of innovation that even the most bureaucratic of organizations can follow.