Thursday Nov 2nd

The Human Element: Organizational Assessments to Improve Team Performance
The Warfield

Creative, high-impact work isn’t done by “resources.” It’s a byproduct of highly collaborative, cross-functional teams, operating with autonomy and capable of making quick decisions.

Based on research and experience working with hundreds of companies such as the Gap, Google, StitchFix, and Autodesk, Courtney Hemphill and Janet Brunckhorst will guide you through a hands-on build-measure-learn cycle for your team. Using an actionable framework to instill a product mindset in your teams, you will learn how to iteratively evolve the behaviors and habits within your organization to create more successful outcomes. Whether you’re a founder starting your first team or a manager in an enterprise organization, you can use these tools to start creating change today, going beyond reactive problem solving by crafting team roadmaps to shift the needle on performance.