Wednesday Nov 1st

Lean Product Roadmaps: Setting Direction While Embracing Uncertainty (Workshop, for Gold Pass attendees)
The Village (Lower Level)

Roadmaps were once required for any technology-related effort, but in the past decade they’ve become controversial. A traditional roadmap is not flexible enough for the Lean and Agile methods many organizations have adopted, and it is often light on the strategic context necessary for teams to internalize the overall vision. Many have abandoned roadmaps altogether, but retain this nagging sense that they are missing the strategic big picture.

Product people want a document that:
• Puts the organization’s plans in a strategic context
• Focuses on delivering value to customers and the organization
• Embraces learning as part of the product development process
• Rallies the organization around a single set of priorities
• Gets customers excited about their product direction

At the same time, a product roadmap should not:
• Make promises product teams can’t keep
• Require a wasteful process of up-front design and estimation
• Be conflated with a project plan or a release plan

Fortunately, there is a new generation of product people developing a new breed of product roadmap. Bruce has assembled these best practices into a flexible framework that provides a powerful toolset, and represents a new paradigm in product roadmapping that’s focused on results rather than features and dates.

This workshop, aimed at startups from the early to high-growth stages, is based on Bruce’s new book “Roadmapping Relaunched: Setting Product Direction While Embracing Uncertainty” (due out form O’Reilly in September). Join him for hands-on relaunching of your roadmap.