Friday Nov 3rd

Partner Lunch & Learn: The Innovator’s Rosetta Stone for Corporate Finance
The Village (Top Floor)

Face it, Corporate Finance speaks its own language. So does the Innovation Team.

Innovators love change, but working to change the thinking of finance—a team dedicated to maximizing the profitability of the core business—is difficult, to say the least. What’s needed is a way to integrate the innovator’s needs into the language and systems that dominate in the boardroom.

In this interactive Lunch & Learn, Moves the Needle’s Simeon Sessley and Brant Cooper will discuss how to translate between these two worlds. They will provide tools and tips while leading you through an exercise that actually gets you started in building a bridge between those seeking to protect today’s execution engine and those inventing tomorrow’s.

Lunch will provided by MoBowl (teriyaki bowls). All lunches will have vegetarian options. You may go out to the food trucks if you prefer that option to the lunch being provided. This session starts 15 minutes after lunch begins.