Wednesday Nov 1st

A Playbook for Achieving Product/Market Fit (Workshop, for Gold Pass attendees)
The Village (Top Floor)

In this workshop, Lean Startup Co. Senior Faculty Members Dan Olsen and Elliot Susel will teach you a simple but effective process for achieving product/market fit. They will share the top advice from Dan’s book “The Lean Product Playbook,” including the Product/Market Fit Pyramid: an actionable model that breaks product/market fit down into five key elements. They will explain the Lean Product Process, a six-step methodology that guides you through how to:

1. Determine your target customer
2. Identify underserved customer needs
3. Define your value proposition
4. Specify your MVP feature set
5. Create your MVP prototype
6. Test your MVP with customers.

Elliot and Dan will zoom in on how you design your learning experiments, will review the different types of MVP experiments at your disposal, and will provide advice on selecting the most optimal MVP experiment for your project.

This interactive session will be filled with real-world examples, exercises, and a comprehensive case study. You’ll leave this workshop with pragmatic advice and tools you can put to work the next day.

#product/market fit