Wednesday Nov 1st

The ROI of Innovation: Demystifying Innovation Accounting (Workshop, for Gold Pass attendees)
The Village (Top Floor)

“What’s the ROI?” There is no question more perilous to corporate innovators. Answer too small, and you won’t get funded—the project is too risky. Answer too big, and you risk career suicide should actuals fall short of projected. You’re forced into the impossible position of making predictions at the precise moment you have the least amount of information. It can be paralyzing—but there is a way out.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to answer the ROI question through Innovation Accounting: the strategies and tactics which enable corporate governance in the face of extreme uncertainty. Attendees will learn how to:
• Understand the differences between traditional and innovation accounting
• Recognize the NPV Death Spiral and avoid it
• Establish the metrics and KPIs that lead to successful projects
• Value pre-growth initiatives without fear
• Measure and reduce risk

This is a hands-on workshop designed for corporate innovators as well as the finance and accounting teams that support them. If you’re excited about finally learning what Innovation Accounting is all about, then first seek professional help—but after that come join us for the cure.