Friday Nov 3rd

Lean Strategies in Community & Political Organizing
The Warfield

Political and community organizing is supposed to focus on constant validated learning—listening to constituents and building a platform around their needs. But working against this build-measure-learn cycle is the fact that campaigns by their very nature have expiration dates. How can we rethink campaigning and organizing in an innovative way that meets the needs of constituents? And what can the private sector learn from thought leaders who are already involving lean practices in their campaign efforts?

Meena Harris—founder of Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign and someone who has spent the last decade engaged in local and national politics—will discuss these issues and more with our Lean Startup Week host, media entrepreneur Alicia Stewart.

Note: Brian Forde, U.S. Congressional Candidate in Orange County, was originally included in this session, but he had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts.