False Start: Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure

November 15, 2018 at 11:45 AM

Presented by Christina Wallace (Vice President of Growth, Bionic), Tom Eisenmann (Professor, Harvard Business School)

Experience Level: All Levels

Track: Small Business, Startup


How can entrepreneurs avoid failure? More so, if they do fail, how they can learn from the experience and bounce back stronger? In this session, Harvard Business School professor Tom Eisenmann and co-founder and former CEO of Quincy Apparel, Christina Wallace will discuss why most new ventures fail. They will explore the case of Quincy Apparel, a startup that manufactured and sold clothing for young professionals. Despite following Lean Startup methodology and validating customer demand through a series of well-designed MVPs, the company still failed. Why? And why, given the near-universal embrace of Lean Startup methods by entrepreneurs, is “no market need” still the #1 cause of failure for new ventures?