Life Is a Startup: Lessons for Team Building

November 14, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Presented by Noam Wasserman (Author, Author, Life Is a Startup and The Founder’s Dilemmas)

Experience Level: Intermediate

Track: All


Whether or not you have founded a company, everyone can learn profound lessons from the counterintuitive behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. Living and working in the twenty-first century presents a unique host of challenges. Whether working for a large organization or freelance, or contemplating marriage or a move to a new city, it often feels like we’re tasked with creating roadmaps for our journeys. In this workshop, we will delve into how founding best practices can help us make better decisions, solve problems, and grow in both our professional and personal lives. Our focus will be on how to avoid pitfalls while building effective teams. Two of those pitfalls are the magnetic pulls toward equality (e.g., when splitting roles and rewards) and toward homophily (flocking to birds of a feather – i.e., people similar to us). Building on your brief reading of excerpts from the new book Life Is a Startup, and using the results of brief thought exercises from the book, we will explore our likelihood to succumb to these magnetic pulls, see how they cause problems for founders, understand how the best founders are able to avoid those problems, and then apply those solutions to our own challenges with equality and homophily.

Note: This session will require pre-work