D5: Be the Solution: Use Lean to Solve Community Problems (powered by the Stupski Foundation)

October 24, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Presented by Katrina Medoff (Founder and Co-Director, Women's Weekend Film Challenge)

Experience Level: Beginner

Track: Lean Impact, Nonprofit


Katrina Medoff and her business partner Tracy Sayre developed the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge (WWFC) as a response to gender inequality in film. They couldn’t tackle the whole problem so instead they targeted one facet of the issue in their own community. The organization immediately took off: WWFC produced 24 short films with more than 500 professional female filmmakers within its first 18 months. In this workshop positioned for nonprofits, Katrina will share how two friends with no money and no connections created a grassroots initiative by leveraging relationships and pooling resources. She’ll motivate participants to take swift action on launching a great idea and use feedback and lessons learned to shape it as it expands.

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