E4: Note to Founders: Don’t Flunk Cap Table Math

October 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Presented by John Richards (CEO and Founder, Startup Ignition)

Experience Level: Intermediate

Track: Startup


One of the great deficiencies in startup training is how capitalization (cap) table math, founding ownership, and the capitalization of a venture over time can make the difference in realizing the full potential of your entrepreneurial dreams. In this workshop, entrepreneur, angel investor, and mentor John Richards of Startup Ignition shares his insights and de-mystifies cap tables and ownership in a startup venture as it scales. You’ll leave with a keen understanding of how wealth is created through entrepreneurship, knowledge of how to keep a careful eye on dilution over time, techniques to make it easier to determine the founder equity split, and training on how preferred stock works when you close deals with venture capitalists.

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