F5: Creating a Culture of Experimentation: The Mozilla Story

October 25, 2019 at 10:45 AM

Presented by Matthew Grimes (Head of Firefox Product Innovation, Mozilla), Diane Tate (Senior Program Manager, Mozilla)

Experience Level: Intermediate

Track: Enterprise, Government, Nonprofit, Startup


On the heels of one of Mozilla’s largest investments — and failures — a team of directors asked a group of researchers, data scientists, hackers, and unconventional thinkers to design a program called the Culture of Experimentation (“CoE”). The goal of this team was to set ourselves up for success by taking many small, controlled risks; to accept a reasonable rate of failure; and to reset our culture for using failure as a mode for learning and improvement. During this session, you’ll learn how an established organization changed its culture from one that avoided data out of concerns for privacy, to one that embraces the ethical use of data in the service of privacy and to create exceptional user experiences.

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