A2: Easy Metrics and Dashboards for Corporate Startups

October 23, 2019 at 10:30 AM

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Experience Level: Beginner

Track: Enterprise, Government


Large organizations are optimized to execute on their current business models and corporate entrepreneurs often run into resistance and misunderstanding when they try to search for new ways of doing business. Metrics are the key to success and often the one thing that corporate innovators struggle with the most. In this workshop, you’ll learn about an approach that makes it easy for corporate entrepreneurs and investors to get started using meaningful metrics. You will be guided through how to create an easy starter dashboard that helps answer three key questions: 

  • Are you moving towards your vision? 
  • How fast are you reducing risk while incrementally increasing investment?
  • How much value are you creating for your customers? 

You’ll leave with your own starter dashboard and tips for teaching this method to corporate entrepreneurs and investors in your organization. 

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