D3: Innovation Mindsets to Drive Organizational Change

October 24, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Presented by Oseas Ramírez Asaad (Partner and Board Advisor, Axialent.com and Zulu.vc)

Experience Level: Advanced

Track: Enterprise, Government


When an organization decides to undergo an innovation transformation, a great deal of attention and energy is typically focused on the activities that will make transformation successful (e.g. choosing the methodology, training staff, executive buy-in and governance, etc.)  One of the most deeply rooted — and often overlooked — challenges when undergoing transformation is working to change the way in which employees and leaders think about innovation. This workshop will explore the specific mindsets that are needed at the individual, team, and leadership level in order to drive organizational change. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of your own individual mindset and actionable steps that you and your team can take in order to maximize your organization’s innovation efforts.

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