Intelligent Growth in Startups: Building More Than a Product to Get Product/Market Fit

October 24, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Presented by Ann Miura-Ko (Co-Founding Partner, Floodgate)

Experience Level: All Levels

Track: All


Once startups get to product market fit, there are countless books, blog posts and seminars on how to scale and grow. But what if you aren’t quite there? What if you don’t know what product market fit is for your company? What if you barely have a product, a small number of employees, just a smidge of funding, customers who are nominally engaged with your product and revenues that barely register on your Quickbooks account? In this talk, we’ll discuss how to think about building more than a product to get you to product market fit.  We’ll talk about how to intelligently grow your business – how you ought to hack value before you can truly hack growth.

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