B6: Leading Innovation and Building Better Lives: Intercorp Latin America (powered by the Stupski Foundation)

October 23, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Presented by Eduardo Marisca (Digital Innovation, La Victoria Lab), Camille Chouan (Digital Transformation Program Lead, La Victoria Lab), Steve Liguori (Founder, Corporate Entrepreneur Community)

Experience Level: Beginner

Track: Enterprise, Lean Impact


Few people outside of Latin America are aware of the amazing story of better lives being fostered through the efforts of one of the region’s giant corporate conglomerates. Intercorp is not only one of Peru’s leading companies; they have utilized innovation and Lean Startup skills in ways few global companies have. What firm do you know that publicly states it’s mission as creating “the best country to raise a middle-class family”? In this Case Study, we’ll see how Intercorp set out to accomplish this by building schools and retail outlets instead of just sticking with the status quo and the original core business of banking. Come learn about this amazing innovation success story that is changing countless lives.

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