G2: The Perils of Innovating after Achieving Product-Market Fit

October 25, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Presented by Rob Fan (Co-Founder and CTO, Sharethrough)

Experience Level: Beginner

Track: Startup


So, you’ve got a product that is selling, scaling, and even growing. Great! Regardless of your product’s success, it’s crucial that you keep innovating to stay competitive. When you have a growing market and a product that is selling and maturing, it’s easy to think that innovation is easy. The reality is, achieving product-market fit makes innovating much, much harder. In this session, co-founder and CTO Robert Fan, will discuss his experience founding Sharethrough, a startup that makes online advertising more performant for advertisers. You’ll learn about the challenges he faced and the tactics he put in place to help overcome complacency after his company began to scale.

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