Sonal Chokshi

Editor in Chief


Sonal Chokshi is Editor-in-Chief at Andreessen Horowitz, where she built the editorial operation, oversaw some of its most popular hits, and is the showrunner of the popular a16z Podcast.

Before joining a16z, Sonal was a Senior Editor at Wired, where she worked with both leading experts and emerging names, and was one of the first mainstream editors to feature then-emerging trends such as ethereum, the ‘sharing economy’, e-sports, and much more, often topping the leaderboards. Her work also started or shaped important conversations around the future of the internet, in some cases even influencing tech policy (such as software patent reform).

Prior to that, Sonal was responsible for content and community at Xerox PARC, where she briefly covered bitcoin in early 2011 and went deep on domains such as automation, bioinformatics, cleantech, flexible electronics, microfluidics, natural language, networking, optoelectronics, ubiquitous computing, and many others.

Before moving back to California from NYC, Sonal was doing graduate work in developmental and cognitive psychology at Columbia University’s school of education, and worked as a researcher/ethnographer on NSF grants around teacher professional development and early numeracy. She studied English and Psychology at UCLA.