Inji Amr Borai | Cairo

Inji is a seasoned economist & management consultant with over 16 years of experience in both fields. On the government policy side, Inji has been the project manager for the development of the Egypt Vision 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy, as well as being the lead strategist for several projects undertaken by the Egyptian Ministries of Trade & Industry, Investment, and Planning. On the enterprise development side, Inji has worked across corporations and consulting firms in Egypt and the UAE in order to develop company strategies, launch new products, redesign the organization and re-engineer business processes. In that capacity Inji has worked with the real estate, fintech, food, chemical, plastic, furniture, automotive, engineering and retail sectors.

Inji is a founding partner of Acumen Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm in Egypt which is concerned with improving the business environment for SMEs and ensuring their integration into the global value chains. Inji leads assignments in the fields strategy, innovation, investment and business planning, organization development and design, operational efficiency and marketing and branding for both policy makers and enterprises (predominantly family businesses).

Inji is also a serial mentor and has been the business content partner/trainer for tens of start-ups across various competitions and incubators.

Inji is an economist with an MBA in finance, and a Stanford Graduate School of Business degree in corporate innovation. She is currently enrolled in an MIT supply chain management degree.