Mark Elliott

Business Coach


Mark started his career alternating between programming telecoms hardware devices and more general IT projects such as scheduling Scandinavia’s international post. Grabbing the opportunity with an innovative Silicon Valley startup he built the international development/training/technical arm through to the NASDAQ IPO and pivoting onto service revenue for the $1.5 billion sale. Since then he has been involved in software security (marketing), arts retail (everything but painting), renewable energy and home automation (own company) and entrepreneurial learning & startup support. Amongst other things, he is currently Business Advisor to the Design Council Spark accelerator for physical products, based in London.

Mark has a Computer Engineering degree, an MBA from Imperial College, and yet despite this education has managed to start three companies, raise finance and sell products all around the world. To escape the confines of life in the capital, Mark runs, sometimes in the hills and sometimes without shoes.
He is a specialist in providing clarity for customer acquisition strategies, product development schedules and producing financials fit for any investor or funder. Clients include, Rockit, Nubbit, N.Abled,, Fuzl, AirBreathe, Flit and Mayku.