90% of innovation initiatives fail. AfCE is comprised of extremely experienced corporate entrepreneurs who role up their sleeves to scientifically and rigorously increase the success rate of innovation projects. Our founder, Jan Kennedy, experienced first hand how belief in Intrapreneurship could unlock huge value for organisations – he unlocked 1 Billion USD for Intel as an Intrapreneur. Later, Jan was a director for 5 years at the world’s largest early stage accelerator program, The Founder Institute, which systematically launches over 1,000 startups per year with a boastful 72% average survival rate.

Together with our growing team of world class mentors, we have been continuously adapting leading startup methodologies to the needs of Innovation Managers, Intrapreneurs and Innovation Mentors, to produce some of the most scientific and rigorous innovation programs available. We love empowering the positive change in people and the impact to organisations by transferring entrepreneurial skills and mindset. As a result, AfCE has proven to reduce the failure rate of innovation initiatives from 90% to a more acceptable 30% and lower.