Ellynita Lamin

Head of Innovation Capabilities & Methods

Maersk Drilling

Ellynita Hazlina Lamin is a multi-award winning strategist that keeps a close watch on the pulse of South Asia’s innovation ecosystem and is an advisor to various accelerators worldwide. Her personal endeavor includes the development of economic platforms for underprivileged and socially isolated communities throughout the globe.

Recently recognized by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with an award on Leadership in Sustainable Development, she has enjoyed a 20-year experience in the exciting and challenging environment of startup communities in Southeast Asia. And as former founder of Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia, she holds true to the commitment of sustainable systemic pro-poor development through an integrated approach of business, arts and science.

A member of the prestigious Latin America/Caribbean & Asia/Pacific Economics & Business Association (LAEBA), United Nations Volunteer Online, Amnesty International and the World Wildlife Fund, Ellynita have inspired many across South Asia to create change and contribute to the wellbeing of all.