Mark Dijksman



Mark Dijksman is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. He got into technology at a very young age and was inspired by his father who taught him how to code when only 14 years old. Mark had his first start up in 1998 and founded several businesses after that in the Netherlands and abroad.

He is currently the CEO of oneUp which he founded in 2016. oneUp designs, validates and creates tech startups for large corporates.
Together with his partners, Floris Schoenmakers and Jef Cavens, Mark developed a unique approach for innovation management, called the 9 Diamond Framework. The Framework enables large companies to identify and implement radical innovation opportunities. Later this year, a book, written by Mark, Jef and Floris, will be released about the 9 Diamond Framework, with the goal to help many more businesses with their innovation challenges. oneUp operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.