Lean Startup Summit: Unconference

Join us the day before the main summit for a meetup of experts and innovators where participants drive the exchange of ideas.

When: Afternoon of Monday, February 11, 2019 (the day before the main summit on February 12)

Where: ESMT Berlin (Schloßpl. 1, 10178)

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We’re excited to announce that Lean Startup Summit will once again bring one of the best parts of Lean Startup events to Berlin as part of the official program: the Unconference, hosted at ESMT Berlin (European School for Management & Technology) and moderated by Leon Reiner (Managing Director at Impact Hub Berlin) on the afternoon of Feb. 11, the day before the summit. Participation is open to all speakers and attendees registered for the Lean Startup Summit on Feb 12. Register here.

The Unconference turns the typical conference format on its head, featuring an on-the-fly agenda of sessions proposed and voted on by attendees. The format encourages speakers and attendees to mix, mingle, and share learnings with one another

Conference attendees sometimes feel divided between rockstars and fans, veterans and newbies, evangelists and cynics… The Unconference format breaks down those divisions. Many Lean Startup community thought leaders will be at the Unconference - you’ll have an opportunity to rub shoulders and chat with them face to face. Get feedback on your ideas and best practices, or share your thoughts about their work. All’s fair at the Unconference.

Who's joining?

The following are a few of the speakers you can expect to see at the afternoon of sessions:
Alexander Osterwalder  |  Tendayi Viki  |  Christoph Raethke  |  Bas Ruyssenaars  |  Sonja Kresojevic  |  Benjamin Thym  |  Steve Liguori  |  Lars Albert Beck Thomsen  |  Tara Velis  |  Agnes Scherzer  |  Anastasia Blazhenova  |  Itamar Gilad  |  Sonja Kresojevic  |  Daniel Groos  |  Anuj Adhiya  |  Holly Hester-Reilly  |  Johannes Ellenberg  |  Linus Dahlander  |  Ellynita Lamin  |  Mark Dijksman  |  Godehard Gerling  |  Dennis Heider  |  Gabrielle Bufrem

How does it work?

The Unconference consists of three parts:

  • Session planning
  • Multiple sessions running in parallel
  • Closing session where everyone shares their learnings

We’ll start with a blank schedule and will permit anyone to pitch a session. This can go in two directions: we ask people if they have something to share or some challenge they have and need help on. Based on whether it’s something to share or a challenge to solve, we’ll choose an interactive session format and pull in other attendees who can join.

We plan the sessions on the blank schedule based on the total number of votes and participants. We’ll end up planning multiple sessions in parallel and make sure there’s something of your liking in all the time slots. We expect to host at least 25 sessions in total during the afternoon. We’ll close the session in an all-hands gathering sharing the lessons from the sessions to everybody.


What you will get out of it?

You can get feedback on your ideas and best practices or share your thoughts about the work of others. Since you’ll regularly bump into people who are working or have worked on topics of similar interest, you’ll be able to connect with them on a meaningful level. Unconferences tend to create lasting connections between participants.

As a Lean Startup Summit Pass holder you’ll be able to participate in the Unconference. Once we’re a little closer to the start off the Summit, we’ll reach out to you with more details.