Some big news here, folks. This year’s Lean Startup Week will be massive. Our flagship San Francisco conference brings to life Eric Ries’ highly anticipated new book, The Startup Way — his first official, non-limited edition release since The Lean Startup kicked off this whole new global innovators movement in 2011.
The Startup Way describes in step-by-step detail the modern system of entrepreneurial management — including the roll-out phases and guiding philosophies intrapreneurs at established and enterprise companies follow to spur sustained growth through continuous innovation. It includes instructions on:

  • Making entrepreneurship a vital function in your organization
  • Combining the rigor of management with the highly iterative nature of a startup
  • Setting up and running internal startups, coaching teams, growth boards, and other entrepreneurial frameworks

No matter if you’re running a crew of five or a team of 500, The Startup Way offers the necessary long-term thinking to keep your organization proactive moving forward. And you can grab a ticket to The Startup Way-focused Lean Startup Week for 35 percent off if you take advantage of the Early Bird sale from April 17-April 30.

By attending Lean Startup Week in San Francisco Oct. 30-Nov. 5, you (and your team, bring ’em along!) will not only receive a copy of The Startup Way (which is bundled in with your conference pass), you’ll also be immersed in the latest case studies, actionable concepts, and management techniques outlined in the book. Think of the conference as a week of top-tier innovation training, networking dinners, startup tours, speed mentoring sessions, and breakout sessions focused on the very latest modern management blueprint.

As an added bonus, the conference is centrally located on Market St. in San Francisco this year, with keynotes at the legendary music venue The Warfield and breakout/speed mentoring sessions across the street at The Village.

If you’ve never been to a Lean Startup conference before, make this year the one to attend. Check out this Lean Startup Week 2016 highlights video to see what you missed last year.

We’ll have lots more announcements in the months to come, but wanted to give you the early scoop now, while you can save up to $1200 on your ticket. A limited number of Lean Startup Week Early Bird tickets go on sale from April 17-April 30. Register now.

See you in San Francisco this fall!

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